Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Date Late March to Early April

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was established in 1954 in order to remember the victims of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima for the first time in history and to pray for peace while not forgetting the tragic past.
Since the park was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage site, many people wishing for lasting world peace visit the park continuously every year.

The park is a home of many buildings and monuments related to the miserable past. Such buildings include A-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Museum, documenting the horror of the atomic bombing.

You can feel how precious peace is, when being in this peaceful and tranquil park and remembering the contrastive site of misery in the past. In spring,

Motoyasu River gets decorated by about 300 cherry trees planted along the riverside.

That time, many visitors come to appreciate transient beauty of the cherry blossoms. Some of them also enjoy a river cruise.