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Date Late March to Early April

Honman-ji, a prestigious temple in Kyoto which has more than 600 years of history, is consisted of several sections; a main temple, an abbot’s chamber, a bell tower and a sub-temple.

At the end of the precinct, there is a grave of Shikanosuke Yamanaka, a samurai during Japan’s Sengoku period who is well-known for his loyal service to the Amogo clan in Izumo.

The temple keeps the collection of many religious treasuries such as the Statue of Saint Nichiren (the temple’s main Buddha image) and the conclusive sutra of the Lotus Sutra.

Some of them are designated as the National Important Cultural Properties. The temple was once used as a prayer hall for the Tokugawa Shognate to pray for Yoshimune Tokugawa to recover from illness.

In spring, many people visit to appreciate cherry tress blooming all over the temple. Especially, coming from the Teramachi street and passing through the temple’s gate, you would be amazed to see the picturesque appearance of the deep pink colored weeping cherry trees blooming as if they were welcoming visitors.

There locates the town of Demachi-Yanagi where Kamo River and Takao River flow. In spring, the cherry tree lined path here also gets in full bloom.

Although Honman-ji is not a popular destination for sightseeing, it is definitely a fantastic place for flower-viewing.


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