Date Late March to Early April

Kyomizu-dera is one of Kyoto’s distinguished Buddhist temples for sightseeing.

Throughout a year, many people visit the place.
The main temple which is 13 meters high and known as the Stage of Kyomizu is constructed just by using the pillars of Zelkova trees without the use of any pegs.

The magnificent sight of the stage is hard to be described in a word. In spring, total of 1,500 cherry trees including Yoshino cherry trees and wild cherry trees bloom beautifully while painting the main temple and Oku-no-in in bright pink.

Also, at Hojo Pond, the beauty of a three-story pagoda is outlined when it is looked through cherry trees. The pond is one of the best spots to take photos.

During the season of cherry blossoms, the temple is open for night flower-viewing and the cherry trees are illuminated by lights.

Having a look at the main temple from Oku-no-in, the Stage of Kiyomizu seems as if it was floating over the ocean of cherry blossoms. It is possible to get intoxicated by the beauty of cherry trees, which is different from the ones in daytime.