Mikawa Isshiki Dai-Chochin Festival

2014 / 8 / 26, 27
Mikawa Isshiki Dai-Chochin Festival is a summer festival held in late August at the Suwa Shrine, Nio City in Aichi prefecture.

It is said that an origin of the festival is a bonfire which was set up by local villagers in around 1560s in order to ward off sea demons continuously doing harm to them.

This custom later turned into a votive lantern festival, and people started to compete in making colorful and bigger lanterns. At the day of the festival, 12 sets of huge lanterns measuring a maximum length of 10m and depicted with old myths and historic scenes are hung in the shrine.

After huge candles are ignited and all the lanterns are lit, viewers can enjoy a romantic atmosphere produced by the ancient motifs depicted on the lanterns that stand out against a summer night sky.

Also, a moment that young men pull up the huge lanterns without using safety ropes is positively speechless and should not be missed.