Date Late March to Early April

Miyajima is an island on the Seto Inland Sea, formally called Itsuku-shima and is registered as the World Heritage site.

It is one of the Three Beauty Spots of Japan as well as Amanohashidate and Matsushima, and it is a scenic area that has been well-known since the Heian period.

Every year, many sightseers all over Japan and abroad visit this island symbolized by Itsukushima Shrine and Otorii (a Shinto shrine’s large gateway), which looks as if it was floating on the sea at the time of high tide.

In spring, cherry blossoms all over the island welcome visitors.

The most recommended spot for hanami is an area around Tahoto Pagoda, located on the hill of the right hand side of the shrine toward the shore.

The cherry blossoms are illuminated at night by lanterns at the time of blooming. Moreover, you can enjoy watching Yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees in several parks and shrines along the hillside walk.

A good example may be a cherry tree lined path along Uguisu Walk. JR Miyajima Ferry is available to get access to Miyajima.