Momotaro Festival

2014 / 8 / 2 , 3

Momotaro Festival is held in Okayama City, Okayama prefecture both in summer and in autumn.

The summer festival takes place on the first Saturday and Sunday of August.

Not only a fireworks performance and food stalls often seen in typical Japanese festivals, a main event called “Urajya,” makes the festival much more exciting.

Urajya is a type of music and dance performance which has a theme of coexistence and harmony.

This event is produced based on the folktale of Ura, an ogre deity that also appears in the legend of Momotaro, and it is mostly run by volunteer citizens.

Participants with unique facial paintings called Ura Make-up compete their Uraja dances. Places such as the Asahi Riverbed, the Okayama city hall and the Okayama station turn into Urajya stages.

More than 5,000 citizens participate in the festival. This event has a good reputation as a festival deeply rooted in Okayama City and is getting bigger and bigger every year.