Osaka Castle

Date Early April

Splendid Osaka Castle located in the center of Osaka City is a place which played an important role in the national unification during Azuchi-Momoyama period in the 16th century.

The Watch Tower, reconstructed in 1938, is surrounded by the vigorous stone wall and moat, There are 13 Important Cultural Properties in the castle including Ote Gate and Senkan Turret, and visitors can think of the bygone days of the castle.
The urban park spread around the castle.

In spring, about 3,000 cherry trees, mainly Yoshino cherry trees, bloom beautifully in the park of more than 100 hectors.

Families can enjoy together at the park while eating bento beneath the cherry trees or playing a long playground slide.

There are mainly four good places to watch cherry blossoms in spring; Honmaru, Ninomaru, Higashi Sotohori and Nishinomaru Garden. Among them, Nishinomaru Garden is the most popular spot due to the night sakura-viewing event.

In the illumination event, called Kanzakura Nighter, a combination of the castle and cherry blossoms creates fantastic scenery.