Philosopher’s Walk

Date Late March to Early April

Philosopher’s Walk is a walking path abundant with greenery which 1.5km path extends from Ginkaku-ji to Jyakuoji Bridge along the Biwako Creek.

The path is designated as one of the Japan’s 100 Best Roads. The name comes from the fact that the philosopher Nishida Kitaro is said to have had a walk through the path while meditating daily.

Though it takes only half an hour on foot to complete the walk, you can stop by at many temples and shrines such as Honen-in, Ootoyo Shrine, Eikando Zenrin-ji to name a few.

Moreover, from the northern part of the walk, you can get a nice view of Mt. Daimonji, known for the five giant bonfires taken place in August.

In both sides of the Biwa Creek, more than 100 Yoshino cherry trees are planted. Those threes were originally donated to the city of Kyoto by the Japanese-style painter Kansetsu Hashimoto and his wife, Yone in Taisho period.

They did so out of gratitude to the city of Kyoto in return for the success of Kansetsu as a painter.

In spring, the walk gets just like a tunnel made by blooming cherry trees. Many sightseers as well as the locals come to enjoy hanami.