Tokyo Jidai Matsuri

Tokyo Jidai Matsuri, literally a festival of historical periods, is held annually on November 3rd (Culture Day) in Asakusa, Tokyo. Approximately 1,600 people participate in a big parade which showcases the history of Tokyo, previously called Edo.

The costume procession goes through the town of Asakusa, wearing various attires representing various eras since the 7th century, through the Edo period, and up until present.

The historic episodes such as the foundation of Senso-ji and the culture of each period including Edo Geisha, vividly come into life.

The parade starts at Senso-ji at noon, and then passes through the well-known places like Wagatsuma Bridge and the Kaminarimon or “Thunder Gate,” and comes back to Senso-ji at around 4 pm.

The festival was firstly taken place in 1989 on the purpose of informing people about Asakusa, a town that played an important role in forming the history and the culture of Tokyo, and is a representative old town in Tokyo. Ever since then, many people come to enjoy the festival every year.