Ueno Park

Date Late March to Early April

In the past, the vast and verdant Ueno Park was called Ueno Hill, and the area has been famous for cherry trees.

It is said that, after the establishment of Kanei-ji, a Buddist monk, Tenkai transferred the cherry trees from the Yoshino Mountain to Ueno Hill.

More than 1,000 trees are planted along the street heading towards the National Museum and around Shinobazu Pond, creating a popular flower-viewing spot in spring.

Also, at the cherry tree lined 300 meters’ walk, there are many people holding parties with sake and feasts and taking photos.

At the time of full bloom, spectators count more than 1 million a day, including the visitors of cherry trees in the evening, when trees are illuminated by 1,300 lanterns. Ueno Sakura Festival is held in the beginning of April every year.

In the event, you can enjoy Ohayashi (the Japanese traditional style of music played in festivals) such as Daikoku-mai and Kotobuki-shishi.

Also, flower markets and antique markets are open during the festival. It is fun to explore Ueno Zoo and various other museums after hanami.